Using no-code tools to get to market quickly

No code tools are the best way to get market quickly, rather than the long-drawn-out process of hiring, managing and firing developers

In the past few years, no-code tools have been popping up everywhere. Unsurprisingly skilled developers were vocal about it as they deemed it to be less performant than building with code. Other than that, they feared that their job was at stake as no-code tools kept popping up.

However, the opposite turned out to be true as more developers started to get involved with no-code and even built those tools themselves. Developers started using it as a marketing strategy to acquire non-technical customers by promising an easy to use, drag-and-drop experience to perform normally complex tasks.

Even with this easier, cheaper and less technical approach to building online businesses, many founders are still overbuilding causing feature overload and not designing a simple end-to-end journey that helps their users achieve a specific goal and validates your whole business.

Most investors just want to see that you can acquire customers and all it comes down to is building a really simple version, getting it to market, and seeing if you can acquire & retain customers - this process will save you a lot of time and headache compared to most of the alternatives out there.

This is better than relying on other peoples’ data gathered by other people, for other projects, at other times, in other places, with other techniques.

Instead, it’s smarter and better for your business if you gather *your own data*, first hand, rigorously with skin in the game and test how well your funnel works by driving traffic and more eyeballs to your product.

You shouldn’t spend too much time and/or money on building an app with too many features as this will make it harder for your users to complete their journey with your product which will make them feel frustrated. This may have a direct impact on your sales as you’ll struggle to retain users and they’ll eventually stop using your product.

The good news is that with the right guidance this is super easy to do and if I had to pick 1 of 3 advisors it would be a UX designer, product manager or product designer.

It comes down to 1 simple question you want to ask yourself.

Do you want to test the riskiest assumptions in your business model now or risk getting found out later?

Avoid spending thousands of pounds on an app that is only rejected by consumers and investors  because your business idea wasn’t tested in the market first. Building the 1st version of your app is the quickest way to get product market fit!

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